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Forester STI JDM

Original RHD, private import


Let us know if you look for similar car. We can help you finding your dream car.

All car details

Subaru Forester STI in the best color available for this model.

Year: 2006

Mileage: 180kkm

Private owner, not salesman.

Car is close to perfect condition and almost all original.

Additional equipment:
– 100% original STI interior
– gold Brembo STI brakes (original)
– original STI suspension parts
– custom last muffler

Car is in very good condidtion. No rust.

Small paint defects, not repaired yet, but can be arranged locally for next owner.

Currently car is equipped additionaly with:

  • Full Airlift suspension (bags, tank, compressor, remote controller etc) – you can get TUV for that as its original kit
  • 19′ Rotiform wheels

No extra holes were made when installing Airlift. It can be dismounted very easy and without any harm to the car.
AIrlift remote is placed in 3d printed ashtray hold, dedicated for Airlift.

Car can also be sold on original STI wheels and original STI suspension.
Won two prices last season – best JDM and top 7 on different car meetings.
Was presented in national printed magazine, few youtube clips/interviews and few photo sessions for different purposes.

Registered, insured, located in Warsaw, Poland.

More information: +48 608 091 024 (whatsup also available)


If you prefer LHD, I can arrange a professional conversion with all STI parts.




180k km

General condidtion

Very good

Red points are paint unperfections that are not repaired currently.

All photos are representing current car and were not photoshoped to cover hidden defects.

On right side, rear wheel arch – small round punch, probably shopping cart

On left side, door – scratch in a form of line, few centimeters. Covering paint was injected into the scratch, but still visible

roof, front side – clearcoat damaged, will require paintjob in short future

hood, front side – v. small rock damage

front splitter – crack

Stanced art with Airlift&Rotiform

YT vlog with my Forester STI